Streamline all aspects of your third-party cybersecurity risk management process for medical devices

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The Complete Medical Device Cybersecurity Third-Party Risk Management Platform

For the first time, SelectEvaluate® brings medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers together on a shared platform to jointly manage all aspects of cybersecurity risk management and continuous monitoring. 
Using cutting edge AI, SelectEvaluate® allows you to streamline your entire cybersecurity third-party risk management process from pre-procurement right through to device decommissioning.
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The SelectEvaluate® Impact:
  • Proven to reduce TPRM cycles from 12 weeks to less than one hour
  • Save up to 20% on healthcare technology management bottom line costs
  • Countless hours saved in the evaluation of completed questionnaires from your vendors
  • Easily compare devices side-by-side
  • Get device updates from your vendors 24/7
  • Bring all stakeholders together in one platform

Transform Your Cybersecurity Third-Party Risk Management Process

Proven to reduce TPRM cycles from 12 weeks to less than one hour

Easily search and compare the most suitable devices for TPRM

Search for specific medical technologies in the Marketplace, which includes baseline information on all vendors and devices. You can access this information instantly and initiate the risk assessment process without needing to interact with any vendors. Quickly make an informed decision on the right product fit before committing any more valuable time. 

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Evaluate your vendors entirely in one shared platform

Vendors can provide you with access to security data such as MDS2s, SBOMs and DFDs in just one click. You can also share questionnaires, ask follow-up questions and risk-rate all vendors without leaving the platform. With SelectEvaluate®, you have 24/7 access to the vendors you are evaluating. No more communication delays and excessive touchpoints.

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Optimize your risk assessments and security questionnaires

The time-consuming task of building security questionnaires is transformed with SelectEvaluate®. You can build custom questionnaires in-platform using SelectEvaluate’s database of the most commonly used, industry-specific security questions. Don’t want to build your own questionnaire? Ask SelectEvaluate® to build one specific to the device type you are evaluating. 

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Get device updates from your vendors 24/7

Once you have made your decision to onboard a device, you can create a direct security feedback system with your vendor. This includes real-time updates about the device including changes to the SBOM, vulnerability information and patch management plans. Monitor vendor feedback in one central system, freeing up resources that were previously used to individually track updates from vendors.

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Unlock key security metrics 

The SelectEvaluate® dashboard provides critical information relating to vendor-quality and device security. This includes vendor response times, vendor ratings, vendor update frequency, at-risk devices, at-risk components, vulnerability counts and statuses, and overall fleet security status. 

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Key Features

Search and quickly find the right medical devices for third party risk management

Instantly review and 
evaluate vendor device security and risk information


Grant access to all stakeholders in your organization on a shared platform

Start assessments independently, without first having to connect with vendors

Automatically build medical device TPRM questionnaires

Score and rate devices against your own risk rating criteria

Chat with vendors while evaluating and request further information

Build, send and evaluate custom questionnaires using AI

View live dashboards and generate security metric reports
Implement live monitoring of your SBOMs and  medical devices

Receive around-the-clock device updates from your vendors 

Control and monitor end-of-service-life devices

Ready to Get Started?

For years, organizations have been asking for a single place to identify, evaluate and monitor medical devices.

The time has arrived with SelectEvaluate®.

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