Q&A with Our Vice President of Sales, Joe Madden 

Joe MaddenJoe Madden is Nova Leah’s Vice President of Sales, having joined the team in June 2022. Joe is hugely experienced in the medical device industry and worked with the global leader in applied safety science, UL Solutions, for almost twenty years.

Most recently Joe held the role of Director of Sales Operations for Consumers. In this position, Joe amassed a great deal of experience working with medical device manufacturers, helping them to launch all types of new technologies and innovations onto the market.    

We sat down with Joe to get to know him a little better, discussing his careers, his take on the industry and his passions outside of work.  

You’ve had an incredible career, working with one of the biggest names in global safety science. What are some of the highlights? 

A real highlight for me has been working with so many medical device manufacturers to help them launch innovative products and, in some cases, first-of-their-kind technologies. Being able to work with medical device manufacturers at any stage of their product development cycle has been a real privilege. 

Two other highlights came during my previous role when UL Solutions acquired two critical service organizations. I had the great pleasure of being part of the diligence team in each case and also led the integration of those organizations. You really get to know an organization through diligence and integration activities.  

I think the most interesting aspect was learning how other acquired companies conducted business. We then merged those attributes, learnings and best practices into the acquiring company.   

What are you most proud of in your career to date?  

Over the years, there have been a lot of proud moments. One such moment that comes to mind was co-leading a project that fundamentally changed the way UL Solutions delivered certification services to the medical device industry.  

We put together a truly cross-functional and globally diverse team to re-think the entire business model from sales through to delivery of services. That project reshaped the entire division and directly contributed to a decade of growth.  

What do you think are the biggest cybersecurity challenges for companies in 2022? 

                      • Understanding that cybersecurity risks are not just IT challenges; they are real and growing threats that impact all facets of business. 
                      • Within the healthcare industry, patient care, patient outcomes and patient safety are all impacted by the growing range of cybersecurity threats.  
                      • More and more ransomware attacks target the healthcare industry. Attacks continue to evolve, and the attackers continue to innovate and improve their technology. The constantly evolving nature of these threats represents a major problem for businesses, both right now and as we look into the future. 

In your opinion, what are some of the biggest security considerations for medical device manufacturers?

The growing number of ransomware attacks and the evolving nature of them is a significant security consideration. 

Medical devices are in the crosshairs of these innovative threats daily.  The impacts from these threats are multi-channel. They affect patient safety and reduce trust in healthcare delivery organizations. They also have a lasting reputational impact on medical device manufacturers. 

Outside of work, what are you most passionate about?

Outside of work there are a few things I am passionate about. Family is the first and most important thing. My wife and kids are my true north and have taught me so many lessons over the years which have helped me become a better person, leader and teammate.   

Woodworking is also something that I enjoy. Taking simple pieces of wood and crafting something is peaceful and extremely gratifying.  

I also love to run and be athletic. My wife and I work out almost every day and often take part in races or compete in charity events to help raise money for causes we’re passionate about.   

What books (or books) have most shaped your way of thinking? 

There are a few that have shaped my thinking: 

                      • ‘Compete Smarter Not Harder’ by William Putsis 
                      • ‘Teach What You Know’ by Steve Trautman 
                      • ‘Inside the Box’ by Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldenberg 

What is something that people are always surprised to learn about you? 

There are really two things that people are usually surprised to learn about me: 

The first is that I am an identical twin and yes, my brother and I really do look alike. It is surprising to see how alike we still look, even after all these years.  

The second is that I have six amazing children. They have helped me grow and become a better person in so many different ways.  


What is something you’ve changed your opinion on in the last five years? 

I think it really is about how connected we all are globally. There are differences for sure. However, when you look at the big picture there are more commonalities than differences. If living through a pandemic has taught me anything it is that we are all so connected and what impacts one of us has the potential and likelihood to affect us all. 

What makes you most excited about joining Nova Leah? 

So many things.  

The top-notch people, the innovative approach to solving challenging problems, the clear leadership position Nova Leah has in this space, the positive difference Nova Leah makes in patient safety and the broader healthcare industry. To top it all off, there’s the exciting chance to help the team here at Nova Leah to exceed all growth targets. I am excited to be here and delighted to join this fantastic team on this amazing journey. 

A huge thank you to Joe.

Everyone here is incredibly excited to work with you and lean on your wealth of knowledge and expertise. Exciting times indeed!