Nova Leah Announces the Launch of SelectEvaluate® 

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The team at Nova Leah is delighted to announce the launch of SelectEvaluate® – the complete medical device cybersecurity third party risk management and continuous monitoring platform.

With our first product, SelectEvidence™, Nova Leah provided medical device manufacturers with an intelligent, automated and traceable approach to cybersecurity risk management. Upon its release SelectEvidence™ became a first-of-its-kind platform, winning a host of awards and gaining international recognition.

Now, with SelectEvaluate®, Nova Leah is transforming medical device third party risk management and cybersecurity monitoring across the entire healthcare cybersecurity supply chain. Medical device manufacturers can sign up to SelectEvaluate® for free today with the platform being made available to healthcare providers in the coming weeks. 

“An all-in-one third-party risk management platform that enables shorter buying cycles, increased system trustworthiness, enhanced collaboration, and ultimately, a safer environment for healthcare patients.”

CEO and Founder of
Nova Leah, Dr. Anita Finnegan, spoke of how SelectEvaluate® is providing a solution to an issue that has troubled both medical device manufacturers and healthcare organizations for years.   

For many years, we have heard of the various challenges within the supplier, vendor and third-party ecosystems. Third party risk management in particular has become increasingly difficult. It can be a cumbersome, overly complicated process with an excessive number of touchpoints and a lack of transparency and cohesion. 

SelectEvaluate® is designed to better connect medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers, with the goal of creating a more harmonious and robust healthcare landscape. We believe that our platform will be a real game changer and beckon in a new era of collaborative efficiency.

With the number of cybersecurity attacks on medical devices increasing every year, it is critically important that healthcare providers can trust the devices they use and that medical device manufacturers are given the opportunity to prove their reliability. It is simply a matter of patient safety. SelectEvaluate® allows both parties to easily communicate, address vulnerabilities and work together to create a safer healthcare environment.”

Introducing SelectEvaluate® From Nova Leah

SelectEvaluate® is the complete medical device cybersecurity third party risk management and continuous monitoring platform. SelectEvaluate® is designed to empower medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers to jointly manage cybersecurity, creating a more harmonious and robust healthcare environment. 

SelectEvaluate® incorporates all aspects of cybersecurity across the supply chain from secure product development, regulatory requirements and vulnerability management to third-party risk assessment and customer communication.  

For medical device manufacturers, SelectEvaluate® provides a single location where they can connect with potential customers, market their medical technologies, automate responses to security questionnaires, and monitor the cybersecurity posture of their devices. The platform also allows medical device manufacturers to store and update device information and automate coordinated vulnerability disclosures in real-time.   

For healthcare providers, SelectEvaluate® provides one central AI-powered platform to easily search, compare and select the most suitable devices for third party risk assessment. SelectEvaluate® acts as an integrated system for evaluating devices before procurement, communicating with vendors and gaining real-time visibility of a device’s security status while in operation. This is carried out while enhancing stakeholder relationships and keeping patient safety to the forefront. 

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With SelectEvaluate®, Nova Leah is opening the door to a new era of cybersecurity third party risk management. SelectEvaluate® harnesses the power of AI to automate the completion of MDS2s and security questionnaires, dramatically speeding up the entire safety and security assessment process.

SelectEvaluate® is currently being rolled out in two phases. As of October 2nd 2023, medical device manufacturers can sign up for free and start integrating with the system. The platform will be released to healthcare providers in the coming weeks, upon which time medical device manufacturers can connect with hospitals and seamlessly communicate and address vulnerabilities, threats, and breaches in real-time, establishing a solid foundation for a safer healthcare environment.  

Medical device manufacturers can learn more about the range of features and sign up for free here