SelectEvidence® from Nova Leah

SelectEvidence® from Nova Leah automates cybersecurity risk management for connected medical devices.
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Technology Ireland Awards | Ibec
Emerging Company of the Year -2019


High Potential Exporter Award
Export Industry Awards  Winner 2019


KTI Impact Awards 2019
Spin-out Company Award Winner 2019

Centralized cybersecurity risk management

SelectEvidence® from Nova Leah allows manufacturers of connected medical devices to automate the process of conducting premarket and postmarket cybersecurity risk assessments for entire product portfolios.

SelectEvidence® breakdown:

    • Risk assessment platform.
    • sBoM ingestion.
    • Continuous vulnerability monitoring.
    • Automated MDF2 generation.
    • Risk analysis decision support.
    • Threat modelling.
    • FDA premarket and postmarket cybersecurity compliance.

“A specialist in cybersecurity for medical devices"

“A specialist in cybersecurity for medical devices, its platform SelectEvidence® helps medical device providers to monitor defibrillators, pacemakers and insulin pumps connected to wireless networks, to ensure they are safe and can deal with potential threats.”

WIRED Magazine, Listing Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups 2019


Simple and straightforward trial process

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We provide all prospective users with a detailed product demo. We demonstrate how SelectEvidence® saves time and automates cybersecurity risk management.

Free five-day evaluation

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Demos are followed by a free, five-day evaluation where MDMs discover how SelectEvidence® integrates seamlessly into their product
development lifecycle.

Connect and review

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Upon successful completion of the first two stages, we reconnect with all stakeholders and decision-makers to put a clear integration plan in place.

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Complete cybersecurity risk management for medical device manufacturers



World first in cybersecurity risk assessment

SelectEvidence® is the first risk management platform
in the world to deliver medical device compliance across
multiple international standards.



Continuous vulnerability monitoring

SelectEvidence® guides MDMs through the process of
identifying threats to their products and implementing
the correct security controls to mitigate those threats.



Meeting FDA guidelines

Leveraging SelectEvidence® as an integral part of your
product development lifecycle will ensure that your
connected medical devices meet FDA premarket submission
and postmarket management guidelines.



Standardized approach to risk assessment

SelectEvidence® provides manufacturers with
an intelligent, standardized, repeatable and traceable
approach to implementing cybersecurity requirements
for connected medical devices.

Leadership team

Anita Finnegan

Anita founded Nova Leah and is the Author and International Project Leader of IEC 80001-2-8 and IEC 80001-2-9. As an ...internationally recognized expert in Medical Device Cybersecurity she also has a strong background in software quality processes, engineering and quality engineering roles across multiple highly regulated domains. Anita's PhD research focused on medical device cybersecurity assurance cases.

Peter Finnegan

Peter brings over 30 years’ experience in the global healthcare and pharmaceutical business to Nova Leah. Peters expertise ...culminated over 28 years of senior management leadership.

Fergal McCaffery
Co-founder / Head of Engineering

Fergal is internationally recognized for his contributions to medical device software engineering. His research team ...have led the development of 4 International Standards/Technical reports for medical device software. He was also the Leader for the development of IEC/TR 80002-3 for medical device software processes in collaboration with the ISO/IEC 62304 development team. Fergal is also Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing and Mathematics, in Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT).

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