Our Passion is Your Success

We recognize that you want to implement the best cybersecurity program for your company and your customers. We want to get you there in the most efficient way. Our team is your team.

While each of our customers are unique, we’ve established an efficient approach to understanding each individual needs and ambitions as it relates to establishing a strong cybersecurity posture across an entire medical device product portfolios.

We’re confident that you’ll not only love SelectEvidence®, but also how dedicated our team of experts are throughout the entire onboarding process. Our dedication to your success doesn’t end with the implementation of SelectEvidence® as we’ve also established a best in class customer support program to ensure our relationship prospers for years to come.

Let's start at the beginning

The best way our experts can help to solve your business problem is to understand it from every angle. Collaborating with you to understand where you are today with your connected medical device risk management program and where you want your program to go is the first step. If you’re a smaller manufacturer just getting your program up and running, we’re here to help. Our team of experts guide both small and large global manufacturers alike.

You’ll receive a demonstration of SelectEvidence® to see the power and efficiency our platform has to offer. We’re sure this will get you and your team excited!

The next step, try it for free! We’ll get you set-up for a SelectEvidence® Evaluation to allow your team to explore all the benefits and features our product has to offer. We’ll even design use cases specific to your business and we’ll work closely with you to train everyone on the platform. We’ll help you establish success criteria upfront so that you complete the Evaluation with a clear outcome.

Upon successful completion of the SelectEvidence® Evaluation, we’ll align your stakeholders and decision makers to establish clear goals for implementing SelectEvidence® into your organization. Not just regarding its purpose, but also addressing topics like:
  • The SelectEvidence® value proposition and ROI
  • Understanding the broader integration of a cybersecurity risk management program with existing business processes
  • Timeframes for deploying the SelectEvidence® hosted platform
  • End-user training programs customized to meet your needs
  • Nova Leah’s ongoing customer success and support commitments

It’s our objective to understand your business needs and do all the heavy lifting.

It's that easy!

Go ahead and connect with us, our experts will be happy to answer any
questions you have to get started